The William Angliss Charitable Fund

Sir William Charles Angliss 1865 - 1957

Portrait of Sir William Charles Angliss

Sir William Angliss was one of Australia's most prominent early businessmen. He pioneered frozen meat exporting in Australia and by the 1930's had established probably the largest personally controlled meat enterprise in the British Empire.

Sir William made a significant contribution to Australian government and society. In the words of Sir Robert Menzies:

'He left an indelible mark upon one of our most significant export industries... His personal ambitions were few and simple. He was, in fact, one of those who did much for us and sought no headlines in the doing. It has been my great fortune to know some of the founders of our nation. Not one of them retains a more lively place in my memory and my affection than Sir William Angliss.'

Sir William was knighted in 1939 and served as a member of the Legislative Council of Victoria from 1912 to 1952. He not only chaired many private companies, but was also actively involved in charity work, supporting the Salvation Army, movements to settle migrant children in Australia and endowments to various hospitals.

Through his Will he continued his philanthropy by establishing two Charitable Funds, one in Victoria and the other in Queensland to be held in perpetuity upon trust.

The income of the Funds were to be applied to charitable purposes.