The William Angliss Charitable Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we submit more than one application in a grant round?
Only one application per organisation can be accepted.

If the annual report is too large to attach, what can I do?
Email it as a separate attachment.

Does the grant have to be spent in Victoria or QLD?
The grants are for use in the states of Victoria and Queensland only for organisations registered in Victoria and Queensland.

Does the budget question refer to the budget for the whole organisation or the project?
The whole organisation, the project cost can be noted under the Project field.

What do you mean by tax status?
This refers to your organisation’s recognition by the Taxation Department, as a charitable organisation, for example, DGR.

Will we receive the amount requested?
The Trustees make decisions based on the funds available each year for distribution. This means that it is not always possible to grant the requested amount in full.

What form of acquittal does WACF require?
An official receipt by the end of December is required.
If you would like to supply information during the course of the year the Trustees welcome this.

Does WACF enter into agreements for ongoing funding?
No ongoing agreements are entered into nor is any recurrent funding approved by the Trustees.

Can I apply as an individual or on behalf of Government or non-Government schools?

Do you accept applications from University departments (aside from research departments) or surf life-saving clubs?

Do you fund travel grants?

If you have any further queries, please contact us at:

The William Angliss Charitable Fund
2.09 156 Collins Street,
Melbourne 3000
Telephone: 0428 910 770